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Construction Update


Construction Overview Feb-04 to Feb-10-2023

February 3, 2023

Construction Overview for Feb 04, 2023

There will be construction activities taking place on Saturday, Feb 04, 2023.

Construction Overview for Feb 06 – Feb 10, 2023

During Feb 06 and Feb 10, 2023, the Construction Team will continue with regular construction activities on the site while following the guidelines set out by Ontario’s Health officials and the Ministry of Labour’s recommendations.

North end concrete construction activities will continue. Construction crews will be completing the Roof slab and the curbs on the Roof. We are preparing for the various amenities on the 11th Floor and are waterproofing the floor. Interior suite finishes have also started on 3rd and up floors of both north buildings. Northeast Hoist is on its way to go up to 30th Floor.

North side glazing crews are continuing with the installation of metal panels and windows on 20th and 21st floors. Balcony posts have also begun on the north side. Fan coils, standpipes and duct work in the north will continue to commence. Curtain wall is also under construction on the ground floor on the west and north side.

On the South side, interior construction development and finishing is continuing to progress. We are triggering lobbies and townhouses on the Ground and Level 1, as we approach to close the south buildings. Window wall is complete on both south towers and we are finishing up railing work on balconies and green roofs. The windows on hoist of Bldg C are complete as we approach to removing this hoist.

During gate operations, flag people will control the gates to ensure pedestrians’ safety and minimize any impact on traffic.

If you have questions regarding construction activity please contact us at: