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Construction Update


Construction Overview for December 05 – 16, 2022

December 9, 2022

Construction Overview for December 5-9, 2022


During December 5-9, 2022,  the project progressed well with formwork, rebar and concrete placement on the Roof Slab. This week, Site Crews were able to complete pouring the last two sections of Lower Roof Slab on the South-West. We started pouring the up-turn vertical concrete structures to Upper Roof throughout the project. Also this week,  the fly forms and framing of the Lower Roof slab on the South-West were completed. Mechanical and Electrical installations continued throughout GF-L9. Precast erection continued wrapping around Level 7 and Level 8 and Window wall installation continued on Level 2 and Level 3. Waterproofing of Level 15 Mechanical Penthouse started this week as well.


Construction Overview for December 12-16, 2022


During the week of December 12-16, 2022,  site crews are scheduled to complete waterproofing and floating floor assembly on Level 15 Mechanical Penthouse and start pouring the floating floors. Crews will continue pouring the up-turn vertical concrete structures to Upper Roof.


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